Baking Workshop: Cake Pops!

Nor too long back, I was invited to create a baking workshop for kids. I was of cause thrilled to have such a request made. 1 thing though – I had no idea how workshop for kids were to be held!!!!I think the lady sort of sensed my inexperience, hence invited me to sit-in “help” out in one of the other workshops set up by another baker. Lessons were to be held at The Reel Room at Republic Polytechnic.


The Reel Room is a cafe opened within the premises of the school’s library. It’s a quaint little place. Very suitable for small gatherings, to get yourself a quick lunch, etc etc etc. 🙂


So anyway, the workshop for that day included Ballo’o’n Sculpturing (oops, they forgot an additional o) and cake pop making. I was only invited to help out at the cake pop making session, but being Ms K-po, I went over to check things out at their balloon sculpturing session.


Parents and kids alike, listening intently to the auntie teaching them to sculpt these balloons.



Check out the pretty pretty balloons. 🙂

Ok, so the balloons were not the main reason why I appeared at Republic Poly. Cake pops were! Cake pops!!!!!!


Cake pops were “invented” by this lady – “Bakerella”. You can find her stuff over at I’ve been following Bakerella like for the longest time ever! I loved her every post, her every creation! Her cake pops were the epitome of cute! So imagine the surprise I had when the instructor conducting the class had a book by her. A sense of familiarity rushed over me. Another Bakerella fan!

Forgive the two balls on top of the book. I was too shy to move them away to take a picture of the book. Lolx!


So before they started the class, it was a mess. Everyone was finding seats, making new friends. Took them about 10 mins before order took place, and the workshop took off.


The workshop started off with having everyone gathered round the instructor’s table for a demonstration before moving off to start making their own cake pops.


They were to make chocolate cake pops, decorated with sprinkles. Nothing too difficult, yet still packed with plenty of fun and creativity.



Little aspiring bakers working their way through the cake dough. 🙂


Can you spot Nutella being used? Yums!

P1010846  P1010848


And they were done in about an hour. Check out the pretty little balls before going into the fridge to be left to set.



And when all was done, their little cake pops looked like these. Pretty pretty colorful balls. 🙂

I’ve pretty much an idea of how mine should run, and am actually excited to get it going. A million possibilities running through my mind, and I’ve no idea what should I start with.

What I liked about the event is that it was well organized. I felt that such sessions allowed creativity to run through these children. Parents were allowed to sit in through the sessions to assist them throughout, giving them that special time to bond. Fun and laughter could be heard at all times. Such bonding sessions seemed totally worth the effort. I do hope I would be able to bring about such fun in the workshop I conduct. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Baking Workshop: Cake Pops!

  1. Hey yo!!! Finally visited your site. Am I the first person to leave a comment? ahahahha… By the way, nice website, great job! You go girl! Fighting!!!!!

    With love,
    Min jie

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