Merry Christmas

Sitting here in front of my laptop, television on, tuned to channel 5. Michael Buble is on. Time? 12 midnight exactly. Merry Christmas everyone! The kitchen is up for 1 last chocolate log cake and 1 last turkey to roast, for 1 last customer tomorrow. And after that, no more Gingerbread Man and log cakes till 2013’s christmas. 🙂

I’m really glad you guys enjoyed the gingerbread you got from me, glad you guys loved the cakes, whether it be the pure chocolate log cakes or the rummy chocolate log cakes (home made chocolate rum ganache + rum raisins in a moist sponge roll).


The last order for gingerbread man for 2012. Design was done according to what customer requested.


One of the two rummy chocolate log cakes done up. I’m gonna turn into an alcoholic. Kept digging into leftover rum chocolates, haha. So anyway, I’m gonna rest a little before going into full force for the upcoming CNY. See you guys soon. Merry Christmas all, and have a jolly good new year! 🙂



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