Salted Egg Yolk Cookies the way I like em

The original recipe called for a certain number of egg yolks, and I thought by adding 1 extra egg yolk the flavor would be intensified. I was wrong. :(The salted egg yolk taste was still very mild. Couldn’t really smell the familiar aroma that is associated with salted eggs. Nonetheless, the recipe yielded a cookie that sorta “disintegrates” after biting into it a coupla times, which I found to be pretty addictive. So anyways, armed with the number of feedbacks I got, I set off making them again. This time, I doubled the number of egg yolks that I’ve placed in previously. What I got ? Savory aromatic cookies. Yes, I’m somewhat pleased. I’m really sorry to the lady who got the “mild tasting” sample. 😦 If you’d like to have another go at it, do let me know. Thanks for supporting the rest of the cookies though. 🙂


So anyway, check out the egg yolks. So rich in color. I like salted egg yolks. 🙂


I like the little specs of orange peeking out through the pale yellow dough.



Pretty little squares before baking. I like how the contrast of the black and white sesame seeds add a little more chic-ness to the cookies.


and after baking them, out comes little golden brown puffs. Really digging the golden brown color in these cookies. Love the color, love the taste, love the smell.



I thought there would be only a handful of people with weird taste buds like mine – not susceptible to this odd combination. Surprisingly, this is the no.1 selling cookie. It surpasses even the ever most popular pineapple balls. 0.o

So if you’re like the many others who enjoys savory cookies, this IS the thing for you. Get your tray of approximately 45 cookies for $18 this season. 🙂

For more information on getting these little gems, please contact me at . Alternatively, you could leave me a comment over at or leave a comment here on the blog itself. :)

Gong hei fat choy everyone! 🙂




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