Nutty Professor

1 week left to bake a few stuff at my own leisure pace before going into full blown hectic baking mode. Made peanut cookies (fah seng peng) today for Auntie Jaslin’s friend. She ordered a whole load of stuff just to offer a sampling session to her family and friends. 🙂 Such a sweet gesture. I don’t even know the lady. She’s not asking me for free samples, but she’s buying them for her family and friends to try. o.0 Auntie Jaslin’s “mian zi” must be very big. Haha

So anyway, if you have been only munching on peanut cookies, limited to chunky Western versions made with peanut butter and a criss-cross fork pattern, then believe me, these little devils will be a revelation- crisp to the bite, then crumbly as you first chew, then melt-in-the-mouth, then unbelievably fragrant as the salty nutty flavour hits your tongue. Its a cross between buttery shortbread and melting moments, except better, because of the added oomph and aroma of peanuts. 🙂



As like always, I like to roast the nuts before mixing them into the batter. Roasted nuts always smell glorious!

The little brother smelt the roasted nuts all the way up his room situated on the second floor. Before I knew it, he was standing beside me “ making muah chee arhx?” “erm..nope..peanut cookies..sup” “oh, make some muah chee leh” “no time lah..shoo” “ermm..then can I have some of these peanuts?” “nooooo..ok, don’t disturb..I’m busy” “oh then let me help you with these peanuts..what do you need to do with them” “oh you wanna help? that’s absolutely great..measure out the flour and sugar for me” “tsk..nvm”..

Haha. Plan foiled. I knew he was gonna sneak some up his sleeve. Haha


Okay, so back to the nuts. After roasting them, I blended them till fine.


Mix the ingredients together and ball them up to get these glorious cookie balls.


Already a beautiful brown before baking them.


After baking them, I got meself a dry crisp crumbly melt in your mouth moment cookie. Mum came back from her half a days work and saw these on the table. Grabbed a few whilst I was away. When I came back, she was telling me between mouthfuls that these were really great. Aww. Mum seldom dish out unsolicited compliments. This has to be really good. 🙂

Oh yea, and the little brother came down from his hideout room after hearing I’m done with baking these. Haha.


Thank goodness I still had enough to pack 1 box of peanut cookies for the lady who ordered them after all the “tasting trials”. 🙂

For more information on getting these little devils, please contact me at . Alternatively, you could leave me a comment over at or leave a comment here on the blog itself. :)

Gong hei fat choy everyone! 🙂




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