Overwhelming Response – A stop to more incoming orders

Dear all,

It is with greatest regret that I’ve to inform you that I’m not collecting anymore orders as of 18/01/13. I just went down to Phoon Huat today to get another few hundred boxes. Most definitely swamped by the orders coming in or rather, that came in ever since i started telling family and friends about this on 6/1/13.

To the few who have been spreading the word – Samantha, Janson, Auntie Jaslin, Melvin, and Becky (or known lovingly by many others, Quinie), thank you. Thanks so much for referring so many people in to me. I’m pretty surprised they ordered a number of the items placed up for sale without even trying any of my bakes before, no samples, nothing. Haha. You guys must have been a hell of a good sales person. Lolx. I thank thee for the effort in persuading your friends to give my bakes an opportunity. 🙂

To the many other friends who’ve chosen to support my stuff without a second thought, thank you too. 🙂

I do wish I could do more, and to be able to spread more “love” but as CNY draws closer, and as many more people starts to request for items to be made and delivered slightly earlier then planned, I realize that it may be a little more difficult then I would have expected to have to bake for that many people. Have been baking from 8.30a.m – 4a.m for the past 3 days. After all, there’s only one baker – me. Haha.

To the many others who would like to try my bakes but missed this round of purchase, you can look forward to valentines day goodies. Haha.

Here’s a little teaser.


You’ve got them right. Macarons! 🙂

In any case, thank you all for your support.



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