Green Pea Cookies is the new fad

I’m fast gaining weight from all the cookie tasting. Argh, and I just lost 4kg since Christmas period. This is madness. Lolx.

So anyways, green pea cookies are the new fad this season. Haha. Totally loving the crumbly melt in the mouth texture. Its the softest, most delicate cookie in the list. Handle them with utmost care.


As per usual, I’ve to grind the nuts to get the flour.


then mix them, knead knead knead


to get my jade green dough.



I had them shaped to look like ‘tong qian’. Bringing you ‘wealth’ when you eat ’em. Haha.


After having them baked, they came out a lovely pale green. Can you spot the green specks in the cookie? Cute right. 🙂


This year’s limited edition cookie. Haha. Packing them and getting them ready to be delivered this upcoming week. CNY is coming soon. Wishing you all a wealthy and happy Chinese New Year in advance.

Gong Hei Fatt Choy




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