Kek Lapis/Kueh Lapis Legit. Whichever.

I’m getting majorly confused by what the supposed thousand layer cake is supposed to be called. Some calls it Kek Lapis, some Kueh Lapis, some Kueh Lapis Legit. Whichever it is, it doesn’t matter. The most important issue here is the outcome of the supposed tedious, laborious cake. With people becoming increasingly health conscious, I thought this would not be on the list of many. To my surprise, orders came pouring in, 3 weeks into placing up the menu. I guess people felt that these sinful indulgence only happens once a year, so why not?



No joke, check out the number of eggs used in the recipe. Not that I’m trying to scare off my customers, but kueh lapis are high in egg and butter content.


See, I told ya, check out the slabs of butter used.


Start creaming everything. Gosh the lighting is pretty bad. Yea, so cream everything, mix everything, and………………………..


I got myself a batter that’s reaching the brim. I haven’t added the egg whites yet. 😦


Being Ms resourceful, I found like a major huge ass pot in the pots and pan cupboard. I’ve never seen it before. Wonder what mum cooks in it. Lolx. Regardless, I took it, used it and folded myself a lovely batter which cooked up to this major hugeass lovely Kueh Lapis.




I wasn’t able to make a very tall cake as my square tin was a little short in height. What I lack for in appearance, I make it up for in taste. A smooth cut down the cake. Loving the layers that I’ve spent hours grilling. Each cake took me 3 hours to make. Definitely need a massage. Haha.

2 weeks left till CNY. Rushing out all the other orders.

For those who’ve not received your goodies yet, don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten you. You will get them before CNY. 🙂

With lotsa love,



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