Happy Friendship Day – Rum Truffles

Thank you all for your kind support and kind words through this CNY season. ❤ It was most definitely a good experience. So many hits, so many misses. Delivery was a huge frenzy, and I couldn’t have done it without a true dear friend, Kelvin Tien, who went without sleep for 26 hours straight, just to help me with delivery straight after work. Touched? Pretty much. 🙂 Thanks ah Mr Tien.

Ok, back to topic – rum truffles, lolx.

I was supposed to meet Ivan and Fionna a day after valentine’s day for a catch up session. Its been quite some time since I last saw them, and to think I live so near where they work. I should be ashamed of myself. tsk! Lolx. And because its been quite some time since I last saw them, I wanted to make something special for them. Was searching through recipes to find something I could make. Something chic; something small. I came across chocolate truffles. Mmmmm..nice! Smooth and delectable. The thing about truffles is the versatility in what you are able to add into the chocolates.

I remember them being my very dear ‘jiu gui’ friends, so I thought, hey, why not rum truffles then? I’m sure they’d love having rum in their chocolates as much as I love having rum in my chocolate. Lolx. So I set out with a goal to make my very own swiss truffles.




The first thing up before having to make them truffles is to have the boxes ready to house them. It was a last minute decision to make these sweets, and so I didn’t have time to go out in search for pretty little boxes to house my truffles, I went out to popular to get myself some creative artwork supplies. (didn’t manage to use the white glue in the end, cause I was afraid I may put a little too much glue on the paper. You know what happens after that don’t you. Nope, we wouldn’t want that to happen to me. Lolx).

image(3) image(4) image(5)

Took me a good 2 hours to measure, cut and paste just 2 boxes. By the time I was done, it was 1 a.m. Took a short break before I started out measuring the ingredients to make the truffles. I thought truffles were easy to make, and I’d be done in no time. I totally forgot to factor in the time it took to chill the chocolate mix. pffffttt. By the time I was done, it was 5am. Had to wake up at 8am to get some other stuff done. Oh Noooooooo! Okay, back to where I was, measuring the stuff out.


Measured, melted and mixed. Left it in the fridge to chill and went on to make the toppings.


Couldn’t find chopped pistachios in our local baking supply stores, so ended up having to chop them up myself. A good thing I didn’t have to shell them myself, or I’d go crazy. Haha.


Chopped my nuts and had them toasted to get that added crunchy crunch.


Toppings done,


Mini cupcake lines lined up,


Chocolate well chilled. Lets start balling them. Roll, roll, roll.


from left: rum truffles with pistachio nut toppings, rum truffles with almond nut toppings, rum truffles with macadamia nut centre and cocoa powder coating.


Done with plenty of love. Packed with plenty of heart. Delivered with plenty of kisses. 🙂 I hope they love it as much as I enjoyed making them. 🙂


Happy “ren ri” to all.




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