Brown Sugar

Christmas was coming, and I wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies for the colleagues. Of all times, I just had to be out of brown sugar. The sole important ingredient that gives the cookie its brown caramelized color, the chewy texture in the cookie. Lucky me, I had molasses in the fridge. I could make my own muscovado sugar.

Pouring white sugar into a bowl,


topping it with molasses,


all that was left to do, was to mix and mix and mix,


and there you go..your very own homemade brown sugar. 🙂


Making your own brown sugar is actually many times cheaper then getting it off the shelf. It takes you only 5 minutes to get these lovelies out. Do give it a go the next time you need brown sugar in your recipe. 🙂

Dark Brown Sugar Recipe

455g white sugar

85g molasses


  1. Place molasses in the bottom of a large mixing bowl, and dump in the sugar. Use a hand mixer to stir things around until the molasses is evenly distributed (you could also do this in a food processor). Or you can just use your spoon and mix it around. First it will start out all clumpy, and after you mix for a few minutes, those clumps will start to disappear. Keep mixing until the clumps have all been broken up and the molasses has been evenly distributed.
  2. Store in an airtight container. The brown sugar is now ready for use!