Recipe for Muah Chee in 10 Minutes, literally!




There was this hype going around facebook, where you can make muah chee in just 10 minutes.

I love muah chee, and I was always only able to get it when I pass by pasar malams. It had never occurred to me to make my own, and that it would be a whole load cheaper.

So, when I saw a few friends posting recipes for this 10 minutes muah chee, I knew I had to try. I had glutinous rice flour that I needed to get rid off anyway, plus this whole recipe takes only 10 minutes. Whats not to love about something as easy but absolutely delicious? Made plans to make it with a colleague at work, for the other colleagues at work during lunch. It’s only 10 minutes taken out of lunch break anyway. Brought all the ingredients and my weighing scale to work, and literally whipped up the whole thing there from scratch at work. It was a mini muah chee stall. There was even a queue to dig into this awesome fluffy peanuty stuff.


Recipe adapted from twice as delicious

Made a little tweak to the recipe for a sweeter treat

Muah Chee Recipe (serves 4)

120g glutinous rice flour + 40g fine sugar
180ml water
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
150g of peanut/sugar mix


Mix all ingredients except peanut/sugar mix. Stir well and microwave for 3mins 30secs.

Remove cooked muah chee from microwave and pour the peanut mix over the entire muah chee.

Cut it into smaller chunks and mix well. Serve immediately.


Hope this helps satisfy cravings out there. 🙂