Happy 8th birthday Dear Ethel



Very much overdue, but I guess, better late then never.  🙂

So it was the boss’ daughter’s birthday 2 weeks back, and she asked if i coulf help bake cupcakes for her little girl’s  Monster High party. I’m honestly very flattered.

We’ve been discussing quite abit on what could we do for her cupcakes, and in the end, we decided on having the all time favorite Milo cupcakes paired with vanilla frosting that has been colored electric blue, and monster high icing discs made from royal icing.

Took me quite abit of time to put everything together, especially drawing the Toppers for the cupcake. I guess it was pretty worth it when my boss came back the next day telling me that everyone were raving about my cupcakes. 🙂

Till the next time people,
Au revoir