Green Tea Pineapple Tarts (Nastar)


I think I’ve made enough original pineapple balls and cheesy pineapple balls. It’s time to get out of my comfort zone and try something a little funky.

If you are looking for something very fushion-y, something not many people have tried – (yet), you love pineapple tarts, balls, etc, and you must have them flaky and buttery, then this is something you have to make. This crumbles in your mouth, but not in your hands. Totally awesome. 🙂

I got my recipe here,and modified it a little. The original Creator’s recipe is perfect already, so very little modifications done.

Credits given to nasi lemak lover

350g butter
100g condense milk
2 egg yolks
450g plain flour / all purpose flour
60g Japanese cake flour
20g good quality matcha powder

1kg Pineapple filling (homemade or store-bought)

1. Cream butter and condensed milk till light.
2. Add in egg yolk one at a time, and beat until combine.
3. Mix in dry ingredients, mix till become a soft and not sticky dough.
4. Roll pineapple filling into ball (8g each) and roll dough into ball (10g each). Or use the nastar pastry mould to make the nastar pineapple tarts.
5. Bake in preheated oven at 165C (fan forced) for 23mins or till golden brown.
6. Cool completely before storing.

Happy baking. 🙂


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