Strawberry Jam Swirl Lactation Muffin



To all mummies who have given me the support through the last 4 weeks. Giving the lactation muffins a go, and trusting it would help you guys with the milk flow. To all mummies who have been waiting ever so patiently for their turn, thank you for understanding that with limited resources and manpower, I can only do this much, and am trying my best to help as many mummies as possible. It heartens me to hear success story, and to know I can help so many of you guys.

I hear you when you also asked for more flavors, and not having to eat the same thing for breakfast every single day. Through trial and error, amidst the busy baking schedule, I managed to push through the strawberry jam swirl lactation muffin. (Thanks to the guinea pigs who tried it over and over again). Yet another muffin on the list.

Just a note to mummies who are thinking of trying the trial pack of 6. As I come out with more items for you guys, this would mean that it is even more difficult to do a mix and match, and that all batches ordered will have to be in 12, so that I can actually save time from having to mix and match mummies with similar criteria in both customization of the muffins, and intending to only buy certain flavors, looking for only 6 pieces, and actually spending more time baking to help more mummies.

Seek all mummies understanding. 🙂 Happy latching, and happy pumping. 🙂




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