Chocolate Chip Lactation Muffins


So, I’ve been collating loads of feedbacks from mummies who have been kindly supporting me through the previous muffin batches, trusting that I could help them in some ways. I’m really so glad that I was able to help a majority of you mummies increase your milk production. Some even saw a permanent increment. The satisfaction in knowing that I’m able to help, and of cause the compliments I receive about the muffins have been really awesome. 🙂

Of cause, there are a handful of mummies whom sad to say, saw no increment, and was of cause disappointed. So I’ve been reading up fervently, amidst the crazy baking, and am proud to say I’d came up with something stronger. Nope, taste wise for my muffins had not been compromised. In fact, it’s now a whole load moister, a whole load fluffier, and of cause, a whole load stronger. (I hope, given the many trials I’ve done on my mummy friends). This is a whole new recipe.

As per my previous post, I talked about how I’ve added extra stuff from the lactogenic food groups into my cookies for snacks, as an additional booster. This muffin has the awesome stuff too. 🙂 I’ve added sesame seeds, coconut oil and cold-press avocado oil on top of the usual milk making ingredients. All to not only boost quantity production, but also quality milk.

Friends were so happy with the results, and of cause I’m happy because I know something stronger came out from all that reading and trying. To top it off, they don’t need to have 2 muffins to have the awesome result (though I would recommend 2 still, but in a different eating schedule) and, best of all, no silly hassle of warming it up before eating. Just bring it to room temperature and your “breakfast”, or “tea snack” is ready.

And to mummies who have been asking if your kids can eat these stuff. Yes, I’ve read that kids can eat these stuff. These stuff goes to your baby as well, so I see no reason why they can’t have it, though I wouldn’t recommend letting them eat in huge quantity. My cousin’s kids were bugging my aunt (their grandmother) when my muffins were out of the oven to get her to get me to let them eat them. They had not 1, but 2 muffins each. I had to stop them before everything gets out of hand. Haha.

All in all, it has been a good research process. It was not only enjoyable, but fulfilling to know that this could possibly help mummies more. 🙂