Japanese Cheese Cake 

Baked these quite some time back, and only found a little time to write about it now. 🙂 I’m not so pleased the top got a little darker than what it should have been like, but thankfully, the taste was not compromised. I love how spongey the texture was, and how light the whole thing is. 🙂

I got the recipe from a fellow baker from a forum. You can get her recipe here. 🙂 I made no modification, so I won’t be posting the recipe again, since it is exactly the same. Hope you have a good time baking these.


Happy Valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s day to you! 🙂

Was supposed to make macarons with all the leftover egg whites gathered during the cny bakes, but was out of almond flour. So I made the simplest of all simple cakes to celebrate this little special occasion. Yup, as you’ve all guessed. It’s non-baked oreo cheesecake………………….again. lolx. I need to break out of this oreo cheesecake thing!



Not in a wordy mood today, so I shall leave you guys with 2 pictures of the cake. Happy valentine’s day ya all! 🙂



Major talent for a first timer – Oreo Cheesecake for the love of his life

Been very busy with all the bakes for CNY. Been itching to bake something else other then the usual CNY stuff that people have ordered. Who’d know the chance came when Andy texted me one fine Wednesday morning to ask if I could teach him to bake a cake for his girlfriend. Of course its a yes! I’ve always been a sucker for all these kinda romantic stuff. Plus I needed a short break away from all the same stuff I’ve been baking day after day. I’ve been bouncing off ideas through whatsapp the whole of Wednesday, and we settled for something simple. Something almost anybody can pull off.


Oreo Cheesecake!


Check out Mr Pro working in a very messy kitchen.


Pounded the base to fine perfection, and using all his muscle strength to press it down firmly. I feared a dent may actually form on the tin wit the amount of strength he placed into pressing the biscuit base down. Lolx.


Folding in the ingredients. Light and fluffy. The man took every single instruction to heart, and placed his full heart and soul into making this cake. Every measurement is to its precise number, every stroke was made with full concentration. He took this major task seriously. Lolx. The cake was supposed to have 3 layers. The biscuit base, plain cream cheese and an oreo cream cheese layer. So after placing the plain cheese layer, he proceeded to fill the middle with oreo cookies.


and then continue filling it with oreo cream cheese.




We didn’t want to have a huge mass (pun intended) of black oreo bits on the top, so we designed a checkered top for the cake. Something simple, Something sweet.



The cake needed to be chilled overnight, so the plan was to have it chilled in my fridge, and he to drop by on Saturday to collect it and surprise his girlfriend at her place. I told him to surprise her at 12a.m, on 26/1, but he said she’d be tired after a day’s work, so wanted her to rest well so that she could have an enjoyable day come Saturday. So sweet right. 🙂 But sometimes, plans don’t always go the way we want them. I received a call from him on Friday telling me she didn’t had too good a day at work, and he wanted to cheer her up. So he wanted to surprise her at 12a.m. Thing is, she was going to meet him for dinner and after that he will be sending her home. How was he to collect the cake? How was he to make sure she doesn’t go to bed after sending her home, cause from her place to mine would be a good 1 hour. Back to hers would be another hour. She’d be meeting Mr Zhou by the time he brings the cake over to her. Lolx.

He was like how how how?!?!?! The poor guy was too honest for his own good. Lolx. Not that I’m a good liar. Its just that I make better excuses when faced with such situations. Haha. I wasn’t able to help deliver the cake, because I had customers coming down late at night to collect the goodies, so he had no choice but to come to my place to collect the cake. I told him to tell his girl to stay up so that he could be the first one to wish her come 12a.m. IT WORKED! lolx.

Unmoulded the cake to pack it for him.


(There’s a loose tin cake base at the bottom. The cake ain’t touching the table.) There’s a few gaps between the layers, but you can see clearly the different layers here. Regardless, I think its really good work for a first timer who had absolutely no help at all, except for shouting across measurements to him and passing him the ingredients. Lolx.




All packed and ready to go. 🙂 Requested Andy to take a few pictures for me to show you guys how it looks exactly after having slices cut out from the cake. 🙂


Tadah. You can see the different layers really clearly. Biscuit base, plain cream cheese middle and chockful of oreos in the oreo cream cheese layer.


Andy texted to say the cake was really good. The secret? Rum in the cheese, and loadsa love put in to make the cake. Mummy always say that the bakes we make are reflective of how the person making it feels at the point in time. Yes, it IS that magical. Lolx.

Birthday girl Serene texted to tell me she loved the surprise. Happy that someone got that special surprise, and happy that my bakes actually brought so much warmth and love between two people. A sense of satisfaction, a sense of achievement felt to have been able to partake in something like that. 🙂