Power Packed Carrot Lactation Cuppies. (Dairy Free)


I think by now, mummies who have been ordering my stuff knows that I’ve been constantly researching on the possible additional natural food items I can add into my muffins so that they can be even more effective. They can get better quality milk, they can have a better quantity pumped out.

I’ve been reading quite a bit on lactogenic food groups, and have been toying with the idea of adding as many stuff as I can in the muffins without it tasting weird, mummies can enjoy the moist muffins I’ve been producing, and best of all, to see results whilst giving in to their dessert desire.

So I have decided on trying out carrot muffins because seemed like the only muffin that allows me to throw a whole bunch of stuff inside without it turning oh so weird. The mummies who have had a trial run on these thought that these would turn out weird, with a funny carrot smell. Surprisingly, these turned out to be quite a hit among them, because firstly, it does not smell odd, and secondly, it is not all that sweet, though mind you, they are quite filling, considering the amount and types of things I’ve added in there. Thirdly, a few of them experienced a slightly increased incremental milk supply pumped out as compared to when they were having the chocolate chip lactation muffins. It’s an all win situation. To top it off, these are dairy free and soy free. Suitable for the mummies who have been asking me to come out with dairy free products.

So on top of the usual milk producing stuff that I throw in, I’m now introducing

  • Carrots
  • Nuts
  • Coconut oil

which have been believed to help with the quality and quantity of milk produced. Hopefully with these, mummies will be able to have a better time with producing milks for their tiny little ones.


Chocolate Chip Lactation Muffins


So, I’ve been collating loads of feedbacks from mummies who have been kindly supporting me through the previous muffin batches, trusting that I could help them in some ways. I’m really so glad that I was able to help a majority of you mummies increase your milk production. Some even saw a permanent increment. The satisfaction in knowing that I’m able to help, and of cause the compliments I receive about the muffins have been really awesome. 🙂

Of cause, there are a handful of mummies whom sad to say, saw no increment, and was of cause disappointed. So I’ve been reading up fervently, amidst the crazy baking, and am proud to say I’d came up with something stronger. Nope, taste wise for my muffins had not been compromised. In fact, it’s now a whole load moister, a whole load fluffier, and of cause, a whole load stronger. (I hope, given the many trials I’ve done on my mummy friends). This is a whole new recipe.

As per my previous post, I talked about how I’ve added extra stuff from the lactogenic food groups into my cookies for snacks, as an additional booster. This muffin has the awesome stuff too. 🙂 I’ve added sesame seeds, coconut oil and cold-press avocado oil on top of the usual milk making ingredients. All to not only boost quantity production, but also quality milk.

Friends were so happy with the results, and of cause I’m happy because I know something stronger came out from all that reading and trying. To top it off, they don’t need to have 2 muffins to have the awesome result (though I would recommend 2 still, but in a different eating schedule) and, best of all, no silly hassle of warming it up before eating. Just bring it to room temperature and your “breakfast”, or “tea snack” is ready.

And to mummies who have been asking if your kids can eat these stuff. Yes, I’ve read that kids can eat these stuff. These stuff goes to your baby as well, so I see no reason why they can’t have it, though I wouldn’t recommend letting them eat in huge quantity. My cousin’s kids were bugging my aunt (their grandmother) when my muffins were out of the oven to get her to get me to let them eat them. They had not 1, but 2 muffins each. I had to stop them before everything gets out of hand. Haha.

All in all, it has been a good research process. It was not only enjoyable, but fulfilling to know that this could possibly help mummies more. 🙂



Caramalized Banana Butterscotch chips Lactation Muffins


When you reach a certain age, and you start seeing friends having kids all around you, you start researching on recipes to bake or cook for them to help them in certain areas needing a little bit more help with. 🙂

1 of the more obvious yummilicious stuff that my friends have been asking for would be lactation goodies. In the past, I would think just spamming loads of brewers yeast would actually help with the production of milk. But as like everything else, too much of something doesn’t really lead to awesome stuff. After some tweaking and guinea pig runs, I’ve finally managed to come up with this awesome caramelized banana butterscotch chips lactation muffin. I stole 2 straight out from the oven. oops. 🙂

What I like about this is that we don’t compromise on the important ingredients –  brewer’s yeast, flaxseed and oats added, and there is hardly any smell or taste from them. It smells and taste exactly as how a normal muffin should. Moist and soft.

This muffin has a slight crispy top, from the caramelization, and a strong banana and butterscotch smell. So if you are a banana fan, this is definitely something for you.

If you are interested to order some, do please drop me a message at http://www.facebook.com/marianisbaking for details on how to order, and how to collect. 🙂