Lactation fudge Brownies


New stuff up for grabs? I need to start feeding mummies a different variety of lactation goodies before I’m labelled the muffin lady.

Basically lactation products can be made into anything and everything. I’ve even heard of lactation beehoon. The most important thing is to take in enough from the boosters for it to be effective.

These brownies are big enough like the muffins to allow an adequate amount of booster to be incorporated within 1 serving. Dense and fudge-like. These are so intense, it might just make your day. As we all know it, chocolate is a mood booster. 🙂 So start your day well happily, with more milk. Pair it with oats milk (very much recommended) for a delectable breakfast, or with some vanilla ice-cream (please do warm the brownies then) for some after dinner dessert. The combinations are plentiful. Need more ideas after you’ve received your brownies, drop me a pm over at . I’m always glad to offer more suggestions. To send you more pictures (stolen from pinterest) for inspiration. 🙂


Oatmeal Lactation Cookies


Happy CNY everyone. 🙂 The cookies that you guys have loved so much are back but in another flavor. Taking out the white chocolate and cranberries, these cookies are still a big hit amongst everyone. Crispy, crunchy and not overtly sweet.

Like the previous cookies, these are small in size, which makes munching them as snacks a whole load easier. They are more of a sustenance to the lactation brownies or muffins mummies take to increase milk supply than a booster on its own. That’s not to say some mummies do not see awesome results from these on its own.

I’m really glad you guys loved the cookies and that so many have asked for more. I’m pleased to say these will not disappoint. Orders will resume soon, so do look out on the page for updates. There are giveaways from Merries and Friso as well for orders, so do keep a look out. 🙂