Pineapple Balls For You

Pineapple tarts, pineapple rolls and/or pineapple balls have always been a favorite amongst many, especially so during this upcoming festive season. This is very much evident, judging from the number of orders coming in. So anyway, this is the very first year I’m actually offering these gems out to others, and I’m pleased to say that so far, they have not disappointed me. 🙂

Of course, I’m not saying that everyone I’ve offered these to said that they were the bestest best that they’ve ever eaten. Everybody has their own unique palate. Some like their crust to have a little spunky crunch in it, and some like it crumbly – oh so melt in your mouth kinda crust. Well, if you’re looking for the latter, ;then this would most definitely please your palate. Safe to say that my guinea pigs who preferred the crumbly sort of pineapple balls gave  these 2 thumbs up.  🙂



Glorious golden pineapple filling. Mind you, its not store bought okay, haha. Mummy cut the pineapples for me, and I grated them, one by one, cooked the grated pineapples for hours before i got this glorious jam. You will most definitely not be disappointed, I swear! lolx. Loads of love, loads of hard work went into making these. 🙂


Measured and rolled each little ball.


Filling encased. Huge huge balls waiting to be baked. They aren’t your average size large pineapple balls you get from the local supermart. I measured them. They are the size of golf balls. haha. Big big pineapple balls, just waiting for you to grab them.


And out they come, big and golden brown.


These lovelies come in only 1 size. 1 container holds about 30 balls in them, and they are retailing at $21. So anyways, hope to hear from you guys soon. 🙂

For more information on getting my pineapple balls please contact me at . Alternatively, you could leave me a comment over at or leave a comment here on the blog itself. :)

Gong hei fat choy everyone! 🙂




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